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I'm too chicken to have a storefront...

...the overhead, staffing, feeling tied to it, BUT I HATE passing up a great buy, whether I know exactly what client home I envision it for, or know that I'll save it for someone in the future, therefore my collection has grown. Hence my little baby version of my perfect store evolved into a collection of loved items in a little warehouse space (yes- Sara Sells is the eternal inspiration). If the piece has not already been claimed by a client, I will sell these little gems as they come along. Whether it be larger furniture pieces, art, pillows, lighting or accessories- the only common denominator is that they spoke to me. I plan to post my "Favorite Finds" on NextDoor and Facebook Marketplace among others. Please also check back on my website for updated photos. I will schedule by appointment only to see a specific piece.

I look forward to meeting you at my little "baby store," done my way.


“Believe in yourself, listen to your gut, and do what you love."
-Dylan Lauren


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