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The truth is, trends are fun! I am not anti-trend, but...

...unlike a cute top or a new pair of earrings, major design elements aren’t as easily (or as inexpensively), traded out. I like to think of great design staples like your favorite pair of jeans. They remain a constant ‘go to’ that can be dressed up or down and work with most everything you own (even those trendy little tops), BUT even great jeans get dated. There is a time when your “base layer” of furnishings and other major design elements no longer evolve with your style or personality.

I started out in Interior Design over 15 years ago, and I think this is the fastest I’ve ever seen style trends evolve. Sometimes (even for a Designer), it feels like you just got your space nailed and then you look to one of the million social media images and wonder what it would’ve looked like if you’d done XY or Z instead. Don’t fall into that trap.

Great design stands the test of time (no, not all time) but as a rule of thumb, major refreshers (furnishings, kitchens and baths) should hold up for about 10 years. This means that you need those items to be your staple pair of jeans. Save the trendy tops for easy switches: pillows, throws, art, paint and accessories. You’d be shocked at how a room can change with current color palettes and do I dare say, trends.

Remember, your space should reflect YOU. If you hate a current trend, don’t do it! The goal is to live in spaces you love and admire- your space should quite simply be a reflection of, beautiful you.

XO- Susan

“And if you are going to design for yourself, then you have to make sure you design deeply for yourself, because otherwise you are just designing for your eccentricities and that can never be satisfying to anyone else.”- Charles Eames


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