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My husband, Ben and I have been supporters of HopeKids for several years. Ben serves on the board of the Middle Tennessee Chapter, which helps over 1,000 local middle Tennessee families with children facing life threatening illnesses. HopeKids provides whole family support. Year-round events are provided for these brave little fighters, but Mom and Dad also get much needed date nights, exhausted Grandparents and other caregivers are given a break, and often neglected siblings are included in all activities.

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Breanna's swing .jpg
Breanna's bed closeup_5.jpg

Dream BIG Bedrooms

I was inspired to create Dream BIG Bedrooms for HopeKids, when I met Breanna nearly three years ago, at an annual charity golf event we help to host. Like Breanna, most of these children spend an exceptional amount of time at home in their rooms working on recovery. Being that their situations are both emotionally and financially crushing, making a space they love is typically not possible. Dream BIG Bedrooms goal is to make spaces that create joy, hope and healing, a reality. 

If you are an S+S client, a portion of my proceeds are used to support Dream BIG Bedrooms. If you'd like to donate, please visit:

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