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Interior Design Services

Attainable, approachable interior design. Design Services are catered to your needs and charged on an hourly basis.  


$250/1 Hour Consultation: We will discuss your goals and space requirements and an estimate will be created for your approval. $150/Hour principal designer; $100/Hour team fees once engaged. 

Please contact me for scheduling.

The Remix

Let's work with what you've got. Re-work your space with a new space plan to promote flow and functionality, using existing furnishings. Includes space plans, paint and accessories selections as well as shelf and accessories styling.

The Refresh

Includes The Remix (floor plans, paint, accessories, styling) plus new furnishings selections for a whole new room.

Abstract Sand

The Redo

Includes The Refresh (floor plans, paint, accessories, styling, and new furnishings) plus custom built-in designs and/or materials selections for a fully renovated single space.

S+S Abby and Doug Furnishing Dimensions.png

Space Plans

Take out the guess-work, with professional architectural floorplans to understand the best layout for flow, function and furnishing dimensions.

Screen Shot 2021-11-05 at 3.35.03 PM.png

Concept Boards

Digital Concept Boards are created with paint, furnishings, lighting and accessories to confirm your vision.

Findlay Built Ins.png

Custom Designs

Receive 3D images of custom pieces to be sure your vision aligns with your tradesperson, before beginning a custom piece.

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